About us

The origins of the printed circuit and modern electronics can be traced back to one UK company - Technograph

It's nearly sixty years since Dr Paul Eisler came up with his proposals for a 'printed circuit' to replace point-to-point wiring. Technograph was set up to exploit his ideas and these ideas remain the foundation of the modern PCB fabrication industry we all know now. Although other methods of producing printed circuit boards were investigated, it was Eisler's etched foil concept that prevailed.

We are committed to creating genuine value for our customers by completely satisfying their requirements and exceeding their expectations. We achieve this primarily in two ways:

  1. By investing continuously in the right technology, facilities and equipment AND the right people and encouraging their professional development.
  2. Our shop floor layout is designed to ensure total flexibility of manufacturing and to facilitate any rapid ramp-ups in production volume. Flexibility is also maximised through the existence of multi-talented employees and the ability to handle various manufacturing methods - including batch build, process and flow line manufacture with feeder cells.

Furthermore, by recognising market trends early, we strive to have the technological capability ready when you are.

At every level of the organisation, individuals are encouraged to develop to their full potential and to contribute to maintaining a standard of excellence within a culture of continuous and measured improvement.

This helps to foster our strong team-driven, 'can do' attitude that helps to promote mutually advantageous partnerships with both customers and suppliers. Indeed we feel customers and suppliers should actively enjoy working with us, while staff should feel empowered, challenged, valued and fulfilled in their work.

We have extensive qualifications that meet the world's strictest and most demanding manufacturing requirements

BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008
BS EN ISO 14001 : 2004
BS 9450
MIL spec 883

Various specialised market-specific qualifications in areas such as automotive, space, defence, avionics, medical and telecoms.

SPC, a continual improvement (Kaizan) ethos and lean manufacturing procedures and processes.

We are an environmentally responsible manufacturer.