Obsolescence management & reverse engineering

Need to repair, replace or refurbish old circuits? Are your components out of date and do you need someone to rebuild them as new?

Perhaps you need to extend project lifespans or is your test equipment obsolete and your test software non-transferrable?


Technograph has many years of experience in helping customers resolve obsolescence issues

We have a complete test development and production capability for operating frequencies ranging from low DC up to 10s of GHz.

Technograph is the solution

We have the equipment, expertise and a proven track record to reverse engineer your populated PCB assemblies.

We can:

  • produce new gerbers
  • make replacement PCBs
  • secure hard-to-find or obsolete components

This enables us to rebuild new circuits that match in form, function and footprint.


Our reverse engineering facility can:

  • Save you money - avoiding costly redesign and lengthy delays
  • Gain you time - solutions provided in weeks rather than months
  • Improve reliability - with modern components and full testing
  • Retest & quality