Screening & xray

Most of the products we build are fully tested to ensure total compliance to customer application needs - often in safety critical and demanding applications where long term reliability is of paramount importance.

We can also help to find faults deep within your electrical and mechanical systems, even intermittent faults, using our X-ray diagnosis facility.


As part of its realisation - does your high performance, high reliability or miniaturised product need testing to ensure reliability? Do you need to find a fault?

We have a complete test development and production capability for operating frequencies ranging from low DC up to 10s of GHz.

Technograph is the solution

Products can be tested across the military temperature range with further burn-in, screening and ruggedisation options available.

Use our fault diagnosis facility for deep diagnosis.


Deep diagnosis - variable depth of imaging.

An understanding of the failure mode - component or board level.

Help to identify the cause and determine the remedy.