The non-conductive substance upon which we laminate our printed circuit boards (PCBs). We work with a selection of different materials depending on suitability.


Do you have problems in selecting and sourcing a suitable substrate for your electronics product because of a size, weight, RF or microwave issue?

We have the ability to layout, print and build in-house ceramic substrates as well as integrate products onto a variety of other substrates including thin-film, FR4, PTFE (depending on application) and combinations thereof.

We also have experience in printing interconnection patterns on glass where a transparent substrate is required, e.g, for optical and lighting applications.

Technograph is the solution

We can advise on the right choice of substrate for the application - particularly in terms of manufacturability.


We have decades of experience across these markets:

  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Automotive
  • Telecoms
  • Industrial
  • Medical